Your aim is to integrate a new colleague step by step into the company and the team and to make him feel home as soon as possible.

The Relocation is organized, your concept for integration follows

Your aim is to integrate a new colleague step by step into the company and the team and to make him feel home as soon as possible.

Only if the integration is successful the company will benefit from this investment.

You indicate the colleague’s profile: language skills, experiences abroad, marital status, training period etc…

The XpatVisor creates an individual integration-path in coordination with your company’s mission statement.

  • How extensive shall the integration process be?
  • Which period of time shall the integration process take?
  • and above all: Which specific steps shall be taken and what is their optimal order?

You can discuss and plan the process step by step with the new colleague as well as with his new colleagues. Furthermore, you can coordinate every single step of the integration process within the company with the integration steps taken in the private surroundings.

The colleague is reminded and guided throughout the process by reminder and due date functions. The note function allows you to take notes for every single step and to formulate goals or subgoals prior to the process.

XpatVisor facilitates the process for all involved parties of the company by making it more transparent and comprehensible.

Imagine the integration of the foreign colleague succeed and becomes long lasting, the XpatVisor supports you to make this investment beneficial for the company’s success.

This is just an example that one point can be reached from many directions.

The XpatVisor can illustrate it all – irrespectively whether a single path, a comprehensive configurator or an all-in-one management tool.  The Xpatvisor provides you and your clients or participants with planning reliability on the road from A to B. The Xpatvisor releaves your back office, by taking over support and consulting. It increases your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

Someone who is feeling comfortable by online- support, realizes the competence of your company.

The Xaptvisor increases the demand for your business: people who understand your offer will use your service.

Of course, now you want to know, how to use the Xpatvisor for your business. Please, don’t hesitate to call us. We are at your disposal at anytime.  

  • The XpatVisor

    The XpatVisor is developed as a software to create and present different, sometimes critical, pathways providing all necessary information at every step of the path.

    The XpatVisor enables its user to provide comprehensive information in a visual appealing and informative step-by-step timeline.

  • XpatVisor Features

    The flexibility oriented programming of the XpatVisor ensures maximum flexibility for every of your projects as you can decide for every single project what to include, exclude, present and not present. You can configure the XpatVisor to suit any of your projects.

    Hence, the XpatVisor fits not only content-wise but also visually to your online services.

  • XpatVisor individually designed

    The XpatVisor can be created by using simple but effective templates, however, we can also design the XpatVisor completely new, according to your requests and demands. This holds not only for different colours and shapes but for every element, including Icons, links, tools etc.

  • Individuelles Design

    Red, yellow, ash-grey, dove-blue ... 

    wavy lines, arrows, no graphic ...

    The XpatVisor can be adapted individually and according to your website and your desires.

  • XpatVisor - more than just Step-By-Step instructions

    The XpatVisor goes far beyond providing a Step-By-Step overview if you place it after a user registration. In addition to information at every step of the instruction, the XpatVsior provides your users with extra tools including a note function, a calendar and an appointment reminder.

    If you want to do it in detail, than just insert information about necessary documents and handy hints for every point and step of the instruction. The XpatVisor displays these, and bookmarks those, which were marked as 'existing' or 'checked' by the user. 


  • Eventagency or Integrationsupport

    The XpatVisor is completely flexible regarding the content of the steps. You can insert and show to your clients and friends whatever you like. You alone decide on the content.

  • XpatVisor – Administration

    For you administrative matters concerning the XpatVisor are rather simple: you simply add a “step” of the guidance/instruction, include corresponding information and determine the position of the step within the process – done!

    The XpatVisor is hence a content management system to create step-by-step instructions.

  • XpatVisor multilingual

    The XpatVisor is setup to be used by people speaking different languages. Every element of the XpatVisor is set-up to fit a multilingual context. You as the service-provider can even customize all function indication according to your desires.

    You want to call it ‘leaflet’ instead of ‘notes’ or ‘agenda’ instead of ‘calendar’? No problem. Everything can be edited through the administrative tools of the XpatVisor.

  • Software as a Service

    The term ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) describes a piece of software, which is provided by a central server or stored in a cloud.

    The same principle applies to the XpatVisor. We provide you a personalized and tailor-made XpatVisor as a hosted service. You administer the XpatVisor and integrate it into your website.

  • Security through central administration

    The SaaS-concept enables you to concentrate on contents only. It is not necessary to install any software on your server. Security concepts are implemented by our technicians, as well as maintenance in terms of security gaps is nothing you have to worry about.

    Furthermore, we follow and comply with every German law concerning data protection. The server location is Germany and you can conclude a “Vereinbarung zur Auftragsdatenverarbeitung nach §11 BDSG” (contract about data processing in accordance with §11 BDSG) with us.

  • High availability

    The XpatVisor runs on high-performant and well maintained servers using latest technology. This ensures alltime availability and rapid action by the XpatVisor.

    Only the integration into your website needs to be done by yourself or, upon request, by our technicians.

  • Integrating the XpatVisor

    The XpatVisor is easy to implement. Depending on the technical platform, different possibilities to integrate and implement it exist.

    Starting with a simple frame implementation (as iframe) the possibilities go beyond PHP-Snippets, JSON interfaces etc.

    In order to facilitate the process even further plugins for WordPress, AddOns for REDAXO and further extensions to other CMS are already planned.

    In difficult cases (or in general as well) our technical support is glad to assist you.


We offer the complete service:

  • technically
  • content-related
  • conceptually

We are happy to support you with implementing the tools (I-frame etc).

Of course, you will receive a complete documentation of the processes. This facilitates adjusting and extending of XpatVisor regularly if needed.
As a matter of course we keep you updated regarding technological improvements.
And in case of any problems and challenges: we do have a help desk!


We are happy to answer your question and try to support you.

We are glad tp provide you with access to a test account.

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